Opinions about hobycasa – log cabin model berlin

Julie and Paco wanted a wooden log cabin for their daughter, so she could become independent from the family home but still be close to them.

They had a maximum budget of € 10,000 and were in a hurry.

They chose the Berlin model, perfect with a loft above for a sleeping area style the mini houses that are now so fashionable..

Enclosed their opinion about hobycasa:

«We are Extremely pleased with our HobyCasa wooden Cabin, and would highly recommend the company and the fitters.

Our Daughter had just turned 22 and was saving for a mortgage for her first property.  Its hard watching how difficult it is for young people trying to pay rent and save a huge amount for a deposit, without drowning in debt, it seemed near on impossible to save the money.  Luckily, we had some spare land and decided that the best solution for everyone was to purchase a wooden cabin and let our daughter start her life in a Rent Free house still with independence, so she can save for the mortgage she wants.

HobyCasa provided the perfect solution.  We purchased the ‘Berlin’ Model as that came with a bedroom upstairs and still fitted within our legal 24 sq. limit.  From showing initial interest in the cabin online, HobyCasa has been exceptional with their information and assistance.  As this is our first project of this type we were unsure what preparations we would need to make for the base, and they helped us with all the information we needed, whenever we needed it.

From Placing the order delivery arrived within 3 weeks.  We had pre-prepared a concrete base and from then on, the house was constructed within 3 days.  The installers worked tirelessly and took great care to ensure everything was just as we wanted it.  Noting that they even removed their shoes when working side in order not to dirty the floors!  The quality of the product is strong, sturdy and well treated.  Our whole project came in under budget (€10,000) including purchase, installation, electrics, delivery, painting, insulation, and basic plumbing, compare this to the price of a caravan (which was our alternative option) and there is no comparison.

Our daughter is super comfy in her new log cabin, its warm cosy and the best part is it smells like fresh cut wood all the time.


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